About us

Connect Power - A leading rooftop solar company from India

Connect Power Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company providing a fully integrated continuum of solar power systems. Connect Power continues to meet and exceed the challenges of the marketplace through its innovative and creative solutions. Through our partnership with leading international companies we are in position to add value through customized solutions to solve customer requirements. Since the Group’s establishment in early 2000’s, we have always committed ourselves to deliver the highest quality, timely delivery and achieve total satisfaction through world-class professional standards and efficiency. We as Connect Power are seeking to implement sustainable development through our corporate and social responsibility programs to improve the life of the community and to safeguard the environment.

Connect Power’s vision is to be a leading rooftop solar company from India. The company caters to rooftop installation on residential, commercial and industrial sector for domestic market and kit providers for international market. Connect Power International operations is focused in Australia, Middles East & Africa. We provide engineering, procurement, construction & commissioning services with quality and international standards. Its solar rooftop systems come through our technical expertise from our qualified and experienced staff.

For international business, our engineering & design team make sure that we meet all required standard of respective country. Our technology tie-ups with various leading solar equipment manufacturer produce exclusively to meet our need.

Connect Power is focused with its well-trained technical support to serve its customers better and faster. We intend to serve a wide range of our products into the market including residential, industrial and commercial industries for all customer around the globe. We have a strong team of competent and qualified professionals who support to provide reliable services. We are committed to provide our clients with cost effective solutions tailored to their specific needs as per the international standards to meet their requirements.

We do maintain high standards of operational ethics to remain one of the leaders with reputation, technical abilities and skills. We are relentless in our pursuit of total satisfaction, and continuous improvement is a way of life of our company.